• I dream of a 'forest' of men, connected and Standing in their Presence


  • Kia ora, welcome

    I was born in Wales, South Africa is in my blood, and New Zealand is my home.


    Living with and being present with my family, my partner and my two step children in Takaka is a huge and precious part of my life. Co-creating a more fulfilling, sustainable, 'archearchal' culture is my soul's work.


    Archearchy is a culture of people who have passed through formidable initiations into adulthood and found the connection to their archetypal lineage, the jobs their being came to earth to do.


    I hold space for Men's Rage Clubs, where men learn to connect with their conscious anger, their 'inner warrior'. This work is so valuable for men to be able to keep their centre, to break the pattern of energetically having their balls with their mothers, to be connected to their inner world and be able to express feelings, to make clear boundaries and to hold safe spaces.


    I offer single coaching and trainings.



  • My archetypal lineage: warrior for the presence of men

    Bright principles: Love, Simplicity, Courage, Respect

  • offerings

    Online Men's Rage Club


    Using Zoom. Four weeks per Club. Contact me to join the next one

    $70 - $140 NZD/EURO/AUD/USD Registration for four 2hr sessions

    Men's Rage Club. Golden Bay


    In person. Four weeks per Club. Contact me to join the next one

    $70 - $140 NZD Registration for four 2hr sessions


    Zoom (online), or in person in Golden Bay. Please contact me to book a session.

    $60 - $120 per session (around 1 hour)


  • about Men's rage club

    We have feelings. Yes, men too. Feelings are not a mistake of nature.

    So we all have anger. The question is; do you use it consciously or does it use you unconsciously?

    Anger has such a bad reputation in modern culture that we miss its jewels.


    This is warrior work. You will connect with your anger energy and experience directly how your current relationship to it is. We will explore possibilities for growing your connection with anger in every day life, and how you can use its energy to serve you in conscious and creative ways.


    Connection to your anger is needed to be able to:
    -say no and yes authentically
    -stay centred
    -not go 'absent'
    -not lose your temper and destroy important relationships
    -make boundaries so that you are not walked all over by your children, your parents, your partner, your boss, your employees...
    -clear your inner space enough that you can actually do the jobs that your being came here to do

    - Be present! because if you are not present, who is living your life?


    You will connect with a group of men and meet each other in a way that is extraordinary.


    Humanity needs initiated and present adult men to create a sustainable and more alive culture.

  • Coaching

    I offer coaching online via zoom or in person in Golden Bay in a private space.


    How can I support you with your next steps?


    I offer healing processes, conscious feeling training and initiation processes using distinctions from the context 'Possibility Management' (https://possibilitymanagement.org/); the most powerful and clear context & set of tools for transformation work that I know of.


  • Connect

    I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

    Golden Bay, New Zealand
    +64 20 4035 0485